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My 30th birthday party preparation

I decided that the best way to celebrate becoming old would be to host a fancy dress party. I decided not to pick a theme for the party but asked people to think about what they liked to dress up as when they were younger or perhaps what they wanted to be when they were young. I also encouraged people to come as actual people (fictional or real) rather than generic spacemen or princesses. The result was a wonderfully eclectic mixture of costumes ranging from historic figures to film legends to comic book heroes (and villains) and at least one post apocalyptic, crowbar wielding scientist!

This post is about constructing my costume and some cider-making that went on at the same time.

As a child I often played cowboys and indians with my brothers and enjoyed improvising bows and arrows or firing off cap guns at each other.  My mum used to make little outfits for us to play in and we used to tear around the garden shouting ans shooting.  So I decided to go for a slightly more mature version of this and come as The Man With No Name from A Fistful of Dollars.  The added bonus of this costume choice is that I could research it by watching A Fistful of Dollars over and over!

I bought myself a replica Colt Peacemaker and leather holster from Knights Gone By and a cowboy hat, from where I forget.  I had an old brown blanket which I dyed even more brown (with limited success) and then used cloth paint to paint the design on the front.  The check on the blanket is not very authentic but it was extremely useful in aiding me painting the lines.

With these items in place all I needed was to grow a beard and start smoking cigars!

The cider making is not for the party but hopefully it will be ready for Christmas.

That’s Dave in the Gordon Freeman costume.  He made it himself out of camping mats and Duck Tape.  Unfortunately he can’t put it on or take it off without assistance!


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