My 30th Birthday Party

For my 30th birthday I decided to have a fancy dress party and invite people to dress up like they used to as kids or dress as someone they wanted to be as a child.  A great variety of characters turned up including a number of fictional heroes and villains, priests, nuns, all powerful universe devouring energy beings, crowbar wielding scientists etc.  If you want to see me making my costume click here.

At the end of the party I gave some awards for best costumes.  These went to: Katie for her Dark Phoenix costume (it was very close with Helen who came as Clark Kent AND Superman and went off to get changed in a “phone booth” halfway through the party); Dave for his Gordon Freeman costume, I think of all the guys there he put the most effort into his costume with everything except the crowbar made by hand; and Liz and Richard for coming as both halves of Ranma 1/2.

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