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Beautiful Days 2009 – day 2

Started the second day by chilling out in the tent and having some breakfast. We were all knackered I think from being kept up by the music last night. Listened to the first couple of main stage bands from the tent and then went down to watch Edward II and then Les Truttes. They were amazing and were more about the on stage performance than the singing. Mainly seemed to do covers of older songs with a number of 80s and 90s disco/dance numbers but really it was all about the antics as shown below. The woman tended to move about very slowly in a surreal fashion while the man jumped and ran around like a loon.

Popped back to the tent for some food then back out to the main stage for The Wonder Stuff and then to the Big Top for the Peatbog Faeries who played some excellent high energy folk. Caught the end of the Saw Doctors on the main stage and then the Pogues were on. Unfortunately Shane MacGeowan was so drunk that he couldn’t sing and really spoiled the performance. I left early and went to the big top to catch the excellent Swans In Flight.

Wandering round the site after the music, wo ended up at the Tiny Tea Tent which is an excellent place for chilling out but unfortunately is next to the very noisy Leviticus tent.


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