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Beautiful Days 2009 – day 3

We’re getting a little more used to the late nights now. Up relatively early to catch The Fabulous Good Time Party Boys in the big top. They had a space theme to their set and were all dressed up as aliens or spacemen or people from sci-fi shows. Kept playing space themed songs and jingles. Unfortunately even at mid day, it was too dark in the big top for effective photography. The first 2 pictures below are from their rendition of Rocket Man. The guitarist’s hat caused him problems as he couldn’t get his guitar on over it and then kept falling off. A tech guy kept running on stage to put it back on but after the 3rd go he just stomped on it.

After a quick rest and some food it was back to the big top for the excellent Eliza Carthyfollowed by Cara Dillon who to be honest we stayed for to see if she really looked like her promo picture. I’m glad to say that she looks a lot more normal in real life. No pics to confirm unfortunately due to the unnecessary darkness of the big top.

The rest of the bands on today were a bit crap so I went back to the tent to get a bit more reading done and then went out to join some of the others at the Tiny Tea Tent where we stayed untill 9.30 when the Levellers were on. The girl in the tea shop seemed confused as to where all her customers were going(!) It was tempting to stick around and keep her company as I have seen the Levellers several times now. Dave, Kate and I strolled down fashionably late and watched from the back. There were a group of crazy people going round with flames on their heads and propane on their backs blowing huge clouds of flame for the benefit of the crowds. I want to know how I can be one of them next year.

After the Levellers had finished there was a fireworks display. Actually it started during their encore but carried on after they had finished playing. We all met up at the back of the arena afterwards.

After the fireworks we went for a last walk around the site. There were people doing fire poi and fire staff and the open fire was back with the glitter balls. We spent a while sitting on the dragon benches and chatting before heading back to the tent for the last time. We are getting up early in the morning as Dave has to be at work and so we are glad that everything shuts down at a reasonable time on Sunday night.

Monday morning we were up around 8 in the pouring rain taking the tent down and packing the cars. Before we knew it we were packed and heading for Wales to continue this epic birthday celebration.


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