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Gower Trip 2009 Day 1

After 10 years, Jonny finally got around to arranging a trip down to his parent’s fabled caravan in the Gower as part of his 30th birthday celebrations. Naturally we all jumped at the chance to go and see this magical place. Many of us had been to the Beautiful Days festival with him on the weekend and traveled straight to darkest Wales while others joined us at other points during the week.

I’m going to have to split this entry up by day as there are far too many photos for one page. The problem was that I had Kate and Lizzie in close proximity to my camera for a whole week!

After leaving Beautiful Days. Jonny, Dave and I made straight for the Gower. After stops for breakfast, lunch and to do some shopping, we arrived at the van mid afternoon. Dave, Kate and Pete joined us in the evening having stopped off for some sightseeing in Cardiff. Did a bit of exploring and unpacking before the others arrived but mainly chilling out after a long ish drive. Caravan is excellent with plenty of space and excellent views.

When Kate arrived she spotted a big bug of the kind that had invaded our tent at Beautiful Days. In fact, I had found one inside my jacket about an hour after putting it on it was tickling me so much running around that I catapulted it out of the end of a sleeve and it went hurtling off somewhere into the crowd!

It’s been a long day and we are planning to head en masse to Swansea tomorrow to pick up more people and do some shopping so off to bed early (after seemingly endless discussions about who will sleep where, there are 6 of us and 6 beds!)

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