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Gower Trip 2009 Day 2

Harry, Rachel and Helen all arrive today. All at different times of course and 2 at the train station and one at the bus station. The original plan was to take both cars and get a week’s worth of shopping done on the way back. Unfortunately Dave has picked up the flu that has been affecting Dave over the last few days and is not fit to drive. This means that Jonny and I have to go in my car and we will have to fit 5 people and their luggage (including a surf board) in my Corsa. No room for shopping then!

Swansea is a bastard to drive in if you don’t know it and the station is not signposted from anywhere in the south of the city. After being lost for three quarters of an hour we managed to spot a car park near to where we thought the station might be and set out on foot. We found the station (and Rachel and Harry) almost immediately as we had parked about a hundred yards from it, vertically! We then asked a nice Welsh Community Support Officer where the hell we would find the bus station which turned out to be next to the massive Tesco we had passed on our way in. So we went to sit in a cafe there and wait for Helen.

Due to a train cock-up Helen had not been able to bring her surf board which was a shame but at least it was one less thing to cram into my little car.

When we go back to the van, we took the new arrivals for a stroll down to the beach before heading back to the van and the interminable discussion about what we were going to have for dinner. This was only resolved when Helen led an expedition to the on-site shop to get sausages and bolognaise sauce. After dinner, Helen, Harry and I headed out into the dunes where we could hide from the wind and have a nice cosy chat.


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