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Gower Trip 2009 Day 3

Today we went to the cafe on site for breakfast, our lack of shopping yesterday means that resources are sorely limited in the van. Eddy’s cafe managed to simultaneously fail and pass the Sausage Test. I ordered my breakfast with no egg as usual and, as is required by the rules of the test waited to see if they would offer me a replacement. When they didn’t I chalked up a fail and left it at that. However when the food arrived I had magically gained an extra sausage to replace the egg so i had to revise my fail to a pass. Haven’t decided yet whether this is better than a straight pass or not. Breakfasts were excellent and huge, I couldn’t finish mine.

Later on, the van was invaded by a cricket of some kind which took an odd liking to Pete’s face.

After breakfast, Helen, Kate and I got bored with the van and set off in the rain for a stroll on the beach. Luckily the weather cleared and a quick stroll became a somewhat longer explore of the beach, some rock pools and the headland at one end of the beach provided good photo opportunities.

Pete, Dave and Dave have volunteered to go shopping to make up for yesterday and the rest of us headed to the local pub. The walk to the pub was great and I wish I had taken my camera. The path goes up over the hill behind the van and is very muddy in places. Towards the end it becomes a stream but not a very deep one. Unfortunately some people did not hear Jonny’s warning and came out in very inappropriate shoes.

When we got back from the pub, Dave was already cooking which was a surprise as I wasn’t expecting them back for an hour or so!

After dinner, most people went for a night walk to the beach. I’m starting to get what Dave & Dave & Kate have had so I stayed behind, no pictures sorry.


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