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Gower Trip 2009 Day 5

I was really ill last night and did not sleep well but felt a lot better in the morning. Spending the day inside with a book and some lemsip was my only plan for the day. It was a shame really as this was one of the nicer days that we have had. The weather here is extremely changeable, often going from sunny to torrential rain and back to sunny again before you have had time to look for your coat. More often than not though it is raining and pretty hard too. Today was at least dry. Fortunately Kate decided that my camera needed some exercise so when everyone headed off for a walk along the beach I got some decent pictures without even leaving the sofa!

You may notice that Kate has an obsession with rock pools and close up photography. She takes even less pictures of people than I do!

We are expecting Clare, Kev, Katie and Rosa to join us this evening and are planning a BBQ if the weather holds. In the meantime we passed the time with Fluxx and toasted sandwiches and taking photographs of the very ominous clouds heading our way.

When the others did arrive, the weather was well behaved and we had an excellent BBQ. Apparently once everyone had arrived it was now acceptable for Jonny to open his presents so we had a mass opening and cake etc. Dave (number 3!) arrived late in the evening.

After that it was simply a case of finding somewhere for everyone to sleep. Even though 4 of the new arrivals (Lance, Lizzie, Clare & Rosa) were in tents, it was still a bit of a squeeze.


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