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Gower Trip 2009 Day 7

Weather returned to normal for our last day, i.e. persistent heavy drizzle and gusty winds. We gained another 3 people and a dog today making the van very claustrophobic. A number of us departed to Eddy’s to keep out of the way. When we got back, a group went off for a walk along the hills with the dog. Most of the day was spent hiding from the rain and playing cards or reading.

Split into 2 groups for dinner, half going to the pub and half ordering Chinese from a “local” restaurant. When everyone got back we took some amusing group photos.

And that was it. The end of our grand birthday adventure. The following day we were all up relatively early to pack up and get out. There was quite a bit of cleaning and tidying to be done but it couldn’t be done with all those people in the van so some of us headed off early and others stayed to tidy up.


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