Paris 2011 day 2

Day 2 of our Paris trip was to be a full day of sightseeing.  After breakfast we headed straight to Notre Dame to join the massive queue of people waiting to climb the towers.  On our way we passed the modern art museum (Centre Pompidou) and a collection of odd moving sculptures outside in a fountain.  There are movies of these but I’m not currently allowed to upload them 😦 maybe I’ll upgrade to the account that lets me do that if I like it here!  There was also some pretty cool graffiti.

On the way to Notre Dame we passed through a flower market with lots of exotic plants and flowers on display.  One of the pictures below shows (badly) the little pot holders that allow you to attach plant port to your windows to get the most of the light!  There were loads of people in the square out the front of the cathedral and queueing round the corner to get up the towers.  Here are some pictures of Notre Dame and the surrounding area from the ground:

Helen, Aimee, Harry and I joined the large queue to climb up the towers while Liz and Kayleigh decided to forgo the climb and see the sights of the surrounding area instead.  We had to endure several hours of the scary mime man who follows the tourists around and tries to hug or kiss them before we were finally allowed to go up.  Views from the top of the tower and the gargoyles etc you can see up there:

After coming down from the towers, we found the others and headed off to find something to eat.

After lunch we headed back to Notre Dame to have a look around the inside.  Unlike Montmartre, you are allowed to take pictures inside as long as you don’t use the flash so I got some nice ones of the windows and candles where there was enough light.  Annoyingly a lot of the tourists were ignoring both the signs that say no flash and the signs that said be silent inside which spoiled the atmosphere a bit.

The plan for the evening was to go up the Eiffel Tower and see the city at night.  But we had nothing to do for a while yet and so headed to a couple of parks to relax, ending up in the Luxembourg Gardens which is where the upper house of the French parliament is housed in a grand old palace.

The grand finale of the day, Eiffel Tower:

Unfortunately by the time we got there, the very top of the tower was closed for the day so we could only go up to the second level but the views were really nice.  Getting down, the queues for the elevators were enormous and the guides advised us to go down the stairs as it was quicker.  We left Helen and Aimee at the top as they hadn’t finished looking around yet and headed down.  This was a bit difficult as Liz is scared of heights and the staircase is not very well enclosed but we made it to the ground safely and headed home via a mobile creperie 🙂


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