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Alex’s Birthday Trip 2011

These are photos of a trip Alex Weighll organised to celebrate his birthday.  The plan was to take a ride on a vintage train (hopefully a steam train) from near his house out to East Leake where we could go for a nice walk and perhaps visit a pub before catching the same train back home for cake and general merryment.

I’m trying out a new format for this post as the multiple galleries format I usually use doesn’t seem to be working too well at the moment. Let me know what you think of it. You can click on the individual pictures to get a larger version.

Jonny and Lizzie in our carriage in First Class

Kevin and Katie in the next compartment along.

Alex and Nick also in the next compartment.

This is the train we were riding stopped at the Rushcliffe Halt station. Apparently the train carries on to Loughborough but you can’t get off there so we got off here to go for a walk that should loop us round to East Leake and then back to the station in time for the next train.  As you can see it is unfortunately not a steam train but a vintage diesel instead.

There was some confusion over how to get off the station but eventually we were on our way.  Unfortunately no one had really looked at the map so we weren’t on our way long before we realised we were heading the wrong way and turned around!

This gate is one of my favourite parts of the walk.  It is not connected to any kind of fence or barrier.  It could only have been made better by being locked shut!

There was some discussion of whether it was OK to go into the corn field.  Since none of us had seen any horror movies recently (and it was day time) we felt it would be OK.  Had to resist the urge to shout “Don’t go into the long grass!”

St Mary’s church near where the path had brought us out into East Leake. Would be nice to spend a bit more time looking round here.  The windows look good and there are some interesting grave stones too.

There was a pub across the road from the church but unfortunately we didn’t have time to pay it a visit and had to push on to the station to catch the 2.15 train.  We just made it with 5 minutes to spare and settled down to eat out sandwiches slumming it a bit in standard class this time.

Once we got back to Ruddington, we went for a walk in the park before heading back to Alex’s for tea and cake followed by games and then pizza. A most excellent day.


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