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Camping with Lizzie in the Peak District Day 1 – Arrival

Lizzie and I spent a weekend camping in the Peak District.  Weather was wet and cold (really really cold) but this didn’t dampen our spirits much.  On Friday 18/05 we finished packing up the car and headed off to the Peak District. We are booked into the campsite at Shallow Grange Farm and are aiming to arrive at 12.30.  The drive took us through Bakewell on the way to Buxton.  We decided that the weather was looking like it was getting worse so headed straight to the campsite to get the tent up.  After meeting the lovely people who run the site and being told we could camp wherever we like as they are very quiet at the moment, we headed to the tent camping field and picked a spot.  Got the tent up quickly with excellent teamwork and took shelter inside to eat our lunch (which the lovely Lizzie had prepared and packed back at home).

The view from inside the tent while eating lunch.

After lunch, Lizzie wanted to see the cute lambs in the adjacent field so here are some pictures of us interacting with the sheep.  I must point out that we had been warned several times that this is a working sheep farm and that we should not mess with the sheep.

Scary sheep!


Spot the car and tent in the distance.  We are the only people camping in this field this weekend.

The weather is taking a turn for the worse so we abandoned plans for a longer walk around the local area and went for a stroll round the farm instead.  I was looking for a public footpath that should cut across the camping field and forms part of the walk I’m planning for tomorrow.  However we only found more fields surrounded by walls and no way out.

After a brief nap in the tent, we started to prepare dinner.  Tonight we are having bacon and rice with fried vegetables.

Me cooking in the rain.

Lizzie gets on with the cooking, afterall it is her cooker!

Lizzie is making such a good job of the cooking that all I have left to do is admire the reflections in my glass of wine!

We May have prepared a little too much food!

We ate dinner outside in the cold and rain for some reason.  Probably would have been better to eat inside the tent and conserve heat but then we didn’t understand just how cold it was going to be that night yet.  After dinner we cleared up as quickly as we could as it was really starting to rain now and even though it was only about 7pm, we quickly got ready for bed and huddled under the covers in the tent.  It poured with rain during the night and got really cold (I forgot to bring my thermometer so I can’t be a nerd and tell you exactly how cold it got but I can tell you it was cold enough for me to be huddled under a duvet and a sleeping bag wearing trousers, thick socks, a jumper, a woolly hat and a scarf and still feel a bit chilly.

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