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Camping with Lizzie in the Peak District Day 3 – Chatsworth House

Day 3 of camping in the Peak District, a visit to Chatsworth House on the way home to Nottingham.

Lizzie had previously mentioned how much she loves Chatsworth House and since I also like gardens and architecture, and it is on the route back home, we decided it would be an excellent place to spend the last day of our weekend.  First though we had to tidy up our mess, take down the tent and pack the car full of all of our stuff.  Fortunately, it wasn’t raining in the morning so we didn’t have to put the tent away too wet.  Once we had packed the car we set off towards our first stop in Bakewell.  Lizzie wanted to pick up a pudding but neither of us wanted to stay too long so we quickly grabbed one and hurried off towards Chatsworth.

Arrived at Chatsworth late morning and were directed to park in the overflow carpark (a patch of grass) by kids in yellow jackets who had no idea what they were doing! Took us a while to work out the entry price as they have complicated offers involving gift aid and money off in the shops and return visits being half price, and the prices in the brochure you get when you arrive are higher than the ones charged on the gate!  Anyway, before long we were in the grounds with a house and gardens ticket entitling us to a return visit within 6 months for half price.

The gardens at Chatsworth are lovely but we only had time to look around a small portion of them before it was time to get some lunch.

Above is the view that Lizzie can see from where she is standing in the photo below.

There is a display of some kind of pretentious modern art sculpture all around the lake.  In our opinion kind of ugly and pointless and spoils the views.  Anyway, here is a picture of Lizzie standing inside some of it looking at the nice view of the house.

Some more traditional sculpture viewed through the monstrosity in front of the house.  I must have got a picture of the only statue that wasn’t of a woman with her breasts on display!


Ducks on the lake.

After looking at the ducks for a while, we headed around the lake being derisive about the sculptures which fortunately seem to only be there for a few more months.  We then headed through the rock garden towards the maze.  The maze turned out to be a bad idea as we got quite lost and frustrated so we gave up and went off in search of food.  Fortunately it is not one of those mazes where you get stuck inside or hours but instead one where every time you think you are making progress towards the centre you end up outside the maze at a different entrance point!

Lunch was a complicated affair as there are several restaurants and food kiosks at Chatsworth and we had to walk round all of them to find that none of them really suited both of us.  In the end we both compromised on a roast pig roll which we took back to the car to eat with some of the snacks and coffee that were left over from camping.  After lunch, we went back to the gardens for a bit and visited a hothouse and then the kitchen gardens and greenhouses.

These chickens were scuffling about under the hedges.

These tulips are actually growing in the kitchen garden.

A view into one of the many greenhouses.

After we had finished with the garden we went for a look around the house.  I didn’t take any pictures of the house so you’ll have to go and see it yourself if you want to.  There are lots of good paintings (and some not so good ones – more modern art which is pretty odd) and statues as well as collections of minerals, china, furniture, marble etc.  Highlights for me included the library with huge shelves full of old books and some great marble sculptures and the dining room which is set out as if for a royal visit.  The last room before you exit through the giftshop is full of marble sculptures of everything from huge lions to the traditional naked ladies (and men this time).

All that remained was for Lizzie to buy a present for her mother (and some for herself) and then we started on the journey back home to Nottingham.


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