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Yorkshire trip with Lizzie 2

A view over the wall and finally some nice weather.
A view over the wall and finally some nice weather.

Following Dave and Ellie’s wedding, Lizzie and I took a week holiday just up the road in Skyreholme village in Yorkshire.  What we did in the first few days has already been published here.  This post covers the second half of our holiday. Continue reading

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Dave and Ellie Piper’s wedding – part 2

After I realised that my last post covering this wedding was getting far too long, I decided the “official” photographs would be a good break point.  This post covers the group pictures taken just before the reception, the meal, the speeches and the dancing afterwards.  Enjoy! Continue reading


Buying a House # 4

Been a quiet few days since the last post.  I must confess that I have been mostly dithering about who to use as a solicitor and which survey/surveyor to use.  This has of course been interspersed with me hiding in a corner thinking about how little I know what I am doing.  I have also been a bit lazy and avoiding making decisions a bit which is bad. Continue reading


Buying a House # 3

A quiet day today, I’ve been trying to work out the differences between the different types of survey that I can get.  It is pretty obvious that the standard valuation (which is required by the mortgage lender) is of no value to me.  Fortunately the mortgage I got approved for yesterday includes this for free but apparently usually you have to pay for it which is a bit much really since it is really for the lender’s benefit. Continue reading