Buying a House # 2

Yesterday my offer was accepted!  I wasn’t really expecting this so I don’t have all the things ready that you are supposed to have (solicitors, mortgage agreement, surveyors etc).

So much of yesterday afternoon/evening was spent trying to arrange appointments and researching things like buildings insurance and life insurance.  Only managed to make one appointment, with a mortgage advisor, and have left a message with a firm of solicitors that have been recommended to me to contact me tomorrow.  I was hoping for a quiet weekend of early nights and late mornings but somehow I don’t think that is going to work out!

Mortgage appointment went really well and, in spite of the bewildering array of choices it was quite simple to pick a product and get “in principle” approval.  Haven’t heard from the solicitors today so I guess I’ll have to wait until Monday for that.  I told the agents that I would send them proof of the agreement but didn’t get an electronic copy! Tomorrow I plan to find out more about insurance and surveyors.

Currently alternating between surprise that things seem to be going smoothly and being overwhelmed by how much more there is to do and how little I know about what I’m doing.  Of course there is also the terror of spending so much money on something and wondering about whether I have really made the right choice or am just doing what I think everyone expects me to do.  I’m going to bed now and hopefully will sleep instead of thinking about it all night.


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