Buying a House # 4

Been a quiet few days since the last post.  I must confess that I have been mostly dithering about who to use as a solicitor and which survey/surveyor to use.  This has of course been interspersed with me hiding in a corner thinking about how little I know what I am doing.  I have also been a bit lazy and avoiding making decisions a bit which is bad.On Monday I faxed the mortgage agreement in principle to the estate agent and got some quotes from solicitors for conveyancing.   I had sent my dad an email about surveys saying how little I understand it and received back a wealth of useful information from him during the day including names and quotes from several local firms.

On Tuesday I got some more quotes from solicitors and looked into the surveys in more detail but didn’t get much done at all.

Now it is Wednesday and I have finally settled on a solicitor.  The firm I chose is actually the most expensive of the ones I got quotes from, but not massively more expensive.  However it was recommended to me by several different people including 2 friends who recently moved and used them and a friend who is a solicitor in the same area.  I decided that recommendations were more important than getting the cheaper price.

Immediately after sorting that out, I heard back from the estate agents that they had not received the fax I sent them on Monday!  So I have now faxed them again and sent them the details of the solicitors by email.  Update: the fax machine is always busy so I think I’ll have to find a scanner and email it to them.

Update #2: It is now past 10:30 at night and I still haven’t got a copy of my mortgage agreement to the estate agents.  I’m tired and frankly absolutely furious.  I’ve spent the last hour trying to scan 1 page of A4 onto my computer.  That’s all just one page of scan.  Of course there are no windows 7 drivers for the scanner I have so I spent a while trying to make it work on Windows 7, I work in IT support, I should really be able to make some progress right but no absolutely nothing, no response whatsoever.  So I took it downstairs where my 2nd PC runs XP.  There are drivers for XP so I downloaded and installed them.  Of course there are no programs installed on the PC that can handle a scanned image so I downloaded and installed Open Office because Open Office is great.  So now I can open a document and choose to insert a picture from a scanner.  The scanner is listed and the Twain window appears and it draws a nice little preview.  So I press the Scan button and the whole PC locks up.  Eventually a message is displayed that there is an error with the scanner and I should turn it off and refer to the manual.  After several attempts and restarts etc I was ready to throw the whole damn lot out of the window.  So I took the document upstairs, put it on my desk and took a photo of it with my digital camera.  I’m now about to email it to the agents.

All in all, it would have got there several days earlier if I had just put a photo copy in the post the day I got it rather than try to be efficient and use electronic communication!  I certainly would have been less stressed and could have spent some of today preparing for the holiday I’m starting this weekend instead of buggering about with computers.


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