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Dave and Ellie Piper’s wedding – part 2

After I realised that my last post covering this wedding was getting far too long, I decided the “official” photographs would be a good break point.  This post covers the group pictures taken just before the reception, the meal, the speeches and the dancing afterwards.  Enjoy!

I didn’t take these next few pictures and I don’t know most of the people in them so I apologise for the lack of description or explanation.  If anyone wants to add captions etc let me know!

Is James giving Ellie a preview of the best man’s speech?
Those clouds look ominous, time to head inside maybe?
Nope! Time for more group shots.

At this point John handed the camera back to me and headed off somewhere.  We had been told we would soon be summoned for photographs so we hung around outside chatting and investigating the outbuildings.

Lizzie takes an interest in what is behind the Private door!
Having discovered the secret she returns looking well pleased with herself!

In the end we never were called for photos and headed inside the reception venue to seek out beer and snacks before the meal.

These were hanging from the ceiling all over the place.
Lance working the bar from the wrong side!
So that’s where John went! Apparently Dave sent him and Lance to tend bar in case people were getting restless before the staff arrived.

These were pretty but hard to photograph.

Best man chatting to my girlfriend. Good job I’m spying on her 😉

Don’t need this to know that the weather is wet outside!
The food has started to arrive and we are all getting excited!

The band is going up here, I suspect they won’t be sitting down much though!

Ellie arrives from the outdoor photo sessions.


James spots the photographer on the stairs.
Food time!
Mmm, roast pig!
Helen helps out with some important colouring.

Following the lovely dinner there were equally lovely desserts and in equally voluminous quantities.  Many people managed to have second helpings of both main course and dessert and of course many extra helpings of booze!

At some point during all this (I can’t quite remember exactly when) there were speeches.  I only really remember James’ best man’s speech which detailed some of the odder things that some of us remember Dave for, for example having a written off old Fiat Panda car and painting the outside with Hammerite, or getting amazingly drunk and eating astoundingly hot pizzas.  At the point of mentioning the pizza I was called upon to bring over a cold spicy pizza which had been purchased by me specially the night before in Nottingham and transported to the wedding by John and Lance.  Dave displayed the pizza to the audience and even actually ate some of it to prove that this tale was not just a myth. The speech was finished off by singing “What Shall we do With the Drunken Sailor” with the words changed to reflect key events in Dave’s life.  We were all secretly given the words so we could all sing along which was very funny but sung extremely fast so that I had trouble keeping up!

Then Ellie and Dave went to cut the wedding cake.

This pudding was left after everyone had had thirds!

Once everyone was satisfied that they had eaten enough food, the tables were cleared to the sides and the band, who had been setting up for a while began to play.  Below are some pictures of the first dance and some other people dancing too.

These pictures of the first dance were taken by me balanced (slightly drunkenly) on a chair in the corner of the room so I could see over the heads of all the people ringing the dance floor!

The best man leads others on to the dance floor

Dave and Ellie have taken a break from dancing and watching others instead.

At this point I put away my camera, did a bit of dancing myself, consumed some more cider and generally enjoyed the rest of the evening.  The band were pretty good but unfortunately had brought a standard wedding cheesy disco with them to play between sets.  I won’t comment on the music because most of the people there were musicians and probably know a lot more about it than me.

By the time the end of the evening came, everyone was exhausted and some of us may have had slightly too much to drink.  John and Lance were nowhere to be seen but we didn’t worry too much about this since they were staying in the bunkrooms less than 10 feet from the dance floor.  Our taxi had arrived and we followed the driver out into the pitch black and the pouring rain to be taken back up the hill to our house.

And that was the end of a lovely day celebrating the marriage of Dave and Ellie.  I am very grateful to them for inviting us and to their families and everyone involved in arranging such a lovely day.


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