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Yorkshire trip with Lizzie 1

Following Dave and Ellie’s wedding, Lizzie and I took a week holiday in Skyreholme, just north of Barden Tower where the wedding took place.

Due to the weather being a bit pants, we spent a lot of time hanging out in the house so I’m going to do this in 2 posts, concentrating on the days when there are pretty pictures for you to look at.

Sunday 24/06/12

The first day after the wedding.  Helen and Aimee left us early in the day.  Lizzie and I intended to go down the road to the Bunk Barn and help tidy up but were so tired from the last few days that we decided to stay in the house.  Here are some photos to show what the house is like:

The front room.
Front room from the front door. Open fire was lovely when it was cold and wet outside.
Through the front room and the hall to the kitchen beyond. This is two cottages joined together, one at the front and one at the back.
The kitchen. Complete with Lizzie working on our first jigsaw puzzle of the trip!
The stove in the kitchen. Unfortunately we never had the opportunity to light it.
From the kitchen stairs lead upstairs…
Upstairs landing
The second room where Helen and Aimee stayed the first night. From now on it will be empty/
Bathroom too

We started on a jigsaw puzzle.

Monday 25/06/12

Monday was much the same as Sunday except that we had run out of food so were forced out of the house in the afternoon to go to the supermarket!

Tuesday 26/06/12

Having realised that our holiday was swiftly disappearing without us having actually done anything, yesterday we made plans to visit Fountains Abbey which is a World Heritage site run by the National Trust. Among other things, there are the ruins of a 12 century abbey and Georgian Water gardens.  We had a great walk along the water gardens, up to the abbey ruins and then back along the other side of the gardens to the tea shop by the car park.  We totally forgot to visit the mill which is also on the site by the abbey ruins.  It was a lovely day but the light was very hazy making the photographs a bit dull, I have touched them up in GIMP which I haven’t been using long so I hope they look ok.

This is a view of the church as you drive towards the car park.
Pretty flowers grow on a lot of the stonework of the ruins.
These steps to nowhere are by a footpath just outside the car park. Maybe they are to help you on to your horse?
Not sure what Lizzie’s looking for
Me doing a rubbish mime of falling off the end of the steps.

This is what the place is famous for, water gardens
There are a series of lakes like this, specifically designed to be still and reflect the surrounding trees.
Lizzie contemplates the lake
The stone rail in this picture separates the free bit of the park from the bit you have to pay to get into. We’re on the paid for side.

This octagonal folly is on the high path that we took on our way out to the ruins. The lakes are behind it and down.
View down from behind the octagon
View of the ruins in the distance
You can just make out the abbey in the distance.

A weir. Actually there aren’t any fountains at Fountains Abbey but the garden has lots or weirs.
The same weir in the middle of this picture.

The 6 pictures above of the ruins and the weirs were all taken from where we stopped to eat our lunch.  There is a shelter and a bench here that are labelled on the maps and in the guide book and on signs from both directions as “Surprise View”.  The excessive signage and the fact that this very view is on the cover of the guidebook all detract from it being much of a surprise!  Still, it was a very nice place to have a break from walking and eat our lunch.  I spent a while waiting for as many of the people who were wandering about on the grass in the above shots to disappear behind trees so I could get pictures with as few people in as possible.

After lunch we headed on along the path and back down to the level of the lakes to walk alongside them to the ruins of the abbey.

This stream feeds into the lakes by one of the weirs.
Getting closer to the abbey

One of the many weirs allows me to indulge my obsession with photographing moving water.
Increasing the time the shutter is open nicely blurs the water
You can’t keep it open too long though or it will be overexposed.
Last one, for now…

After Lizzie dragged me away from the weir, we carried on our walk towards the abbey ruins.

This excellent tree caught our attention
Some of the less spectacular ruins.

This is the river that feeds the water gardens we just walked through. I expect the monks made more practical use of it!

Lizzie in an archway!
Lizzie in an archway 2!
Lizzie in an archway 3!
More plants growing on the stones

This part still has a roof!
It’s actually quite dark in here

I don’t think that is an original feature. There are lots of these, would be nice to see what it looks like all lit up!

Lizzie visits the lavatory(!)

Back to the water gardens, on the opposite side and much lower down.

This is a last weir after all of the lakes as the river leaves the gardens
The church we saw from the car on the way in.

Now there will be a few more pictures of moving water going over a weir.  You might want to skip to day 2(!)

This one was taken at 1/50s shutter speed
1/4s, F22
1/3s, F22
1/2s, F22
0.6s, F32

There were a lot more of these but I got rid of lots of them so as not to bore people too much!

After tea and cake in the shop by the entrance, we went back to the car and drive home via Pately Bridge where we stopped for a look round and some groceries.  We plan to go back to visit a museum there later in the week.  Details can be found in the next Yorkshire post!

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