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Yorkshire trip with Lizzie 2

A view over the wall and finally some nice weather.
A view over the wall and finally some nice weather.

Following Dave and Ellie’s wedding, Lizzie and I took a week holiday just up the road in Skyreholme village in Yorkshire.  What we did in the first few days has already been published here.  This post covers the second half of our holiday.

27/06/12 Wednesday.  We planned to go for a walk up to Simon’s Seat as you can see the seat from the house and the path goes right past the back garden.  However the weather was rubbish so instead we went back to Pateley Bridge and the Nidderdale Museum which has an amazing collection of items relating to life in Nidderdale over the centuries.  We were a bit late arriving and the published closing time was incorrect so we had to rush a bit to get round without getting locked in but it was pretty interesting.

We made use of the poor weather to do more puzzles!
A view from our back garden
Another view from the garden. Simon’s Seat is up on the ridge to the left.
The house from the back garden. We are in the one on the left but somehow, the back rooms you can see here are not part of our house but one of the others!
It wasn’t really cold but we decided it would be romantic to have an open fire.
It didn’t work very well and kept going out. I blame the wood!

28/06/12 Thursday.  Plans to walk up the hill again thwarted by poor weather.  This time torential rain that turned the road into a river and lightening over the ridge we would be walking on.  We were already dressed for rain so we went to stand in the garden and watch the storm for a bit before going back inside where it was warm and dry.  The weather calmed down later but it was too late in the day to attempt the walk.  Spent most of the day playing games and watching Wimbledon on the TV.

There is a housemartin (I think) nest outside the bedroom window and, having worked out how to use rapid fire on the camera, I spent some time in the bedroom taking pictures of them flying in and out of the nest.

Another puzzle. This one 1000 pieces.

Like the weir pictures in the previous post, there were a lot more of these.  For every shot I got of a bird nicely framed in the window, there were probably 4 of blank windows or just the tip of a wing or tail.  The rapid fire on my dad’s Canon is excellent and I’d never have got half of these shots with my old Nikon which is much slower at continuous shooting.

29/06/12 Friday.  Last day of the holiday and we decided that we were going up to Simon’s Seat if it killed us.  (Disclaimer: by “kill” we mean “make us wet and cold and maybe a bit grumpy”).  We got up earlier than we had for the whole holiday, packed lunches and wet weather gear and headed off.  I’m going to try to describe the route we took and link it up with the pictures we took but it has been a while so I can’t guarantee the accuracy.

Leaving the house (Mill Cottage, Skyreholme) we turned right and headed up the road to Middle Skyreholme, keeping to the right where Parceval Hall is signposted to the left.

This is us just outside the house.

There is a footpath leading through someone’s front gate which was hard to spot.  This took us across a field and up to Howgill Lane which leads to Dalehead Farm. We turned left towards the farm and then right onto a footpath leading uphill.

Lizzie on a bridge. I don’t remember this bridge at all!
On the way across the field after leaving the road and going through someone’s front garden to join the footpath.
Looks like bad weather heading our way.
That’s where we came up the road from.

As we left the farm track and started on the footpath, the weather caught up with us and we started getting wet.  Put the camera away for most of the ascent.  The path zig-zags up the hill towards Simon’s Seat.  In places it was hard to tell whether we were walking on a path or a stream.  At one point Lizzie and I had different ideas about which way to go and decided to go one each way.  Unfortunately she had to backtrack as she really was walking in a stream! Its not really possible to get lost though as you are always heading up to the top of the ridge and the huge pile of rocks that is Simon’s Seat is intermittently visible at the top.

Near the top there is a wall cutting at right angles across the path.  Here we met a group coming down and we stopped to chat while they used the stile.  Unfortunately the stile is broken on the downhill side and one of the steps is missing so we helped them over and they helped us go the other way.  We also swapped ideas about things to do and places to eat.  The weather had cleared up a bit now so the camera came back out.

Looking down into the valley from the other side of the wall.
The wall and the stile (working side).
Lizzie looking pleased to be out of the rain.
Most of the paths on the way up were like this or worse. Described by one of the people we just met as “naughty”.
Dalehead Farm I think.

From here you can see Simon’s Seat and the path is pretty easy to see.  My guide book implied that you turn right before reaching the rocks but we couldn’t see any useful path.  This caused quite a bit of discussion and agitation as we were both wet and tired and hungry by now.  Eventually wedecided to carry on straight up to them.

Rocks in the distance.

The path becomes very easy to spot. Presumably to prevent erosion.
These stones seem to be recycled as many have odd holes and some still have iron fittings on them.
That’s where we are heading.

Lizzie on the path at the top.

The path actually climbs up and between 2 piles of rock.  As you pass between them it curves round to the right and onto a wide well marked path.  This leads in the same direction as the guide book seemed to be trying to send us so we followed it.

This erosion control path doesn’t last for long though ans soon we are back to rocky mud with water flowing in little streams underfoot.  Before too long, a wall rises up on the right hand side and we followed this until we reached the fir plantation marked on the OS map and in the guide book.  This is the first confirmation in a while that we are going the right way!

This worried me a bit as there is an area labelled “Grouse” on the OS map but it is well out of our way.
Of course they don’t have to stay where the map tells them to!
A view over the wall and finally some nice weather.

The path descends into a fir plantation.  This looks very confusing on the maps as there are lots of paths leading in all directions.  In reality though, there is only one way through as all the others are closed off with gates.  We stopped in the shade of the trees (now that it wasn’t raining, it was getting too hot and sunny) to eat our lunch.

The path descends quite sharply and my knees were aching quite a bit by the time we reached the bottom.

At the bottom of the hill we are back at Howgill Lane which leads to Dalehead Farm.  We turned right onto this lane and followed it for a short time until a footpath sign pointing left to Skyreholme.  This path should literally lead us back to our door.

Fungus growing on a tree by Howgill Lane

We saw a lot of foxgloves on this trip but these were the first that I had an opportunity to photograph.

This is the signpost pointing us back home. It hasn’t come out very well though.

Having left Howgill Lane again, we crossed several fields (one containing a bull, a cow and calves which we crossed quickly and nervously.  At one point we came to a stream and a wall with no obvious way of crossing.  We solved both these problems by using bits of the wall that had fallen into the stream as stepping stones and crossing the wall at the gap the stones had fallen from.

We were now alongside the stream that runs across the back garden of the cottage and all we needed to do was follow it to the little bridge at the bottom of the garden.

That’s our house!
Other houses gardens come right down to the river. There are lots of interesting ones along here.
Where we have walked from.
Lizzie rests and contemplates the river.

You can see the rough path that I think we took here.

A picture of the birds nest I was photographing earlier in the week.

All that remained for us now was to finish the jigsaw puzzles and pack up ready to head to Cambridge tomorrow.

Finished the 1000 piece!

Me writing in the diary that I have used to write these blog posts from.

After packing up, we headed out to the local pub the Craven Arms which had been recommended to us by Helen, Aimee, the information book in the house and the random strangers that we met on the hill this afternoon.  For these reasons we decided we should eat there before we headed home.  That and we ate the last of our food halfway down the hill at lunch time!  The food and drink was excellent and the pub was lovely and quaint.  Could have done with a larger bar for the number of people it was trying to serve though.

And that’s that, we headed home and went to bed and then drove to Cambridge on Saturday to celebrate Kate’s birthday.

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