Buying a House # 5

I’ve been away from civilisation for a while at a wedding and then on holiday and then at a birthday party which hopefully you will be able to read about soon in their respective blog entries. [Note: because of the way I publish my entries, they will actually appear before this one]. So I have been without access to internet or phone (mobile or otherwise) for most of the last 10 days or so.  Yesterday I came home and realised that along with all the usual unpacking, washing and stuff accompanying the end of a holiday, I also had to deal with a backlog of house stuff.  Waiting for me when I got back were 2 letters regarding the house purchase; one from the estate agents officially confirming the acceptance of my offer and one from my solicitors outlining the work they will be doing for me and how much it will cost.

Last night I read through the documents and a couple of emails I had received from the estate agents and the surveyor I contacted before I left (he had also been away).  So this morning I had a list of things to do (in no particular order):

1. Arrange an appointment to finalise my mortgage application

2. In order to be able to do 1. collect documents:

  • Payslips
  • Bank statements (have to be ordered specially these days!)
  • P60
  • Passport and/or driving license

3. Arrange a date for the building to be surveyed and discuss any specific areas of concern with the surveyor.

4. Go to my solicitors and prove that I am who I say I am and that I live where I say I live.  To do this I had to find the following documents:

  • Passport (easy)
  • Utility bill or bank statement, less than 3 months old (very hard as everything is online and they won’t accept online documents.  Eventually found a letter from my savings bank which they accepted).
  • A cheque to cover payments to 3rd parties (expensive but easy to find!)
  • A signed copy of their terms and conditions of business

I am pleased to say that I have managed all of these except for the first one.  I have just remembered that my mortgage advisor doesn’t work on Mondays so he won’t pick up the email I sent him until tomorrow.  This is fine as I have not got the required bank statements ready for him yet.  Really I should have ordered these before I went away as I knew I would need them and they take 3 or 4 days to arrive from having been ordered.  Hopefully I’ll see him on the weekend.  All the other documents are already gathered together (I just have to remember which of the piles on the floor/desk/chairs they are in!)

Arranging the survey couldn’t have been easier, the firm have been very helpful in explaining some things that I didn’t understand and we have been able to arrange a date for next week.  Additionally they are a lot cheaper than I had been led to believe a full buildings survey would cost.

The only difficulty with visiting the solicitors was that it was pouring with rain and I couldn’t park near their offices.  Certifying and making copies of the documents was all handled by the receptionist who also produced the receipt for the cheque and delivered everything to the person managing my case.

Now that I have done all of that, I can reply to the email from the estate agents that I received this morning asking for a progress update!

All in all a pretty productive day.


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