How to connect a wireless printer to a Virgin Superhub*

The other day I found that I couldn’t print to my wireless printer.  After a while of cursing I realised that this was because I hadn’t yet connected it to my new wireless network after upgrading from ADSL to cable broadband.  Connecting the printer had been very easy with the previous wireless, just press the button on the printer and then the button on the router and wait for everything to stop flashing.  How hard could it be with the new Super Hub?  Here’s how:

* this is a partly satirical description of my learning process, please don’t use it as a guide to connecting a printer! 🙂  Step 9 below shows the steps to actually connect a device.

Step 1.  Look on the Super Hub for a likely looking button to connect WPS devices.  Fail to find one.

Step 2. Check the manual for the Super Hub to see where the WPS button is. Fail to find this information in the manual.

Step 3. Look on the hub again and discover by accident that the big Virgin Media glowing thing on the front is also a button.  Postulate (correctly as it turns out) that the glowing Virgin button is the WPS button.

Step 4.  Press the WPS button on the printer and then the WPS button on the router.  Nothing happens on the router, printer behaves as expected.

Step 5. Repeat step 4 several times.  Discover that all wireless devices have been disconnected from the network.

Step 5a. Spend 20 minutes or so trying to reconnect devices to the wireless network but failing.  Finally realise that I’m trying to connect devices to a different but almost identically named network which has appeared in my list.  Slap myself for making a rookie error and again for not giving it a sensible name when it was first installed.

Step 6.  Check Virgin’s online help which directs me to the help page for my printer.  This is no use as I know that the printer is working and I know what button to press on the printer.  Finally find that the Virgin button is the WPS button if you hold it in for 2 seconds but is also the “disable wireless”** button if you hold it in for 6 seconds!

** I know it is more complicated than that but in effect that is what it does.

Step 7.  Spend a few minutes cursing the idiots who thought that this would be a good way to set up the hub.

Step 8.  Turn the wireless back on.  Not sure how I did this as it was a bit of a blur of cursing, pressing the button for various amounts of time, cursing, rebooting the hub and cursing.  Finally get the wireless back and connect devices to it.  Make a note to give the network an amusing name and change the passphrase.

Step 9.  Actually connect the printer: Press and hold the WPS button on the printer until it starts to flash, press the Virgin button for 2 seconds until it starts to flash red/blue.  Wait for flashing to stop.  Printer is connected.
[This was actually a little harder than is sounds as it seems you have to hold the button for a little longer than 2 seconds but I was paranoid so I wanted to release it early!]

Step 10. Print the document that I wanted to print an hour ago.

Step 11. Realise that the wireless devices that are connected to the network can talk to each other but not to the internet.  While devices connected to the hub with cables can access the web fine but a little slow.

Step 12.  Spend half an hour checking the hub settings via the admin page and running network tests.

Step 13. Reboot the hub several times.

Step 14.  Finally we are back where we started but with the printer attached to the network.

16 thoughts on “How to connect a wireless printer to a Virgin Superhub*

  1. Thanks for this article, saved me lots of time, what a stupid place for the button! On the new superhub as Kevin mentions above. it adds a device but also kills the wireless and turns it off!

    The button just flashes blue on the current model I have, but you just go back into the admin console and re-enable wireless and the printer should be there.

  2. Also took me around an hour to connect to the printer, really simple but did exactly the same things as you mentioned. Finally connected 😉

  3. Thank you so much !!

    I finally found the solution> Instead of pushing the WPS button for longer i pushed it for 2 seconds and started searching. The printer just connected.

    You saved me.

  4. Ah! I did that too….held the button on the hub in toooooooo long and then found I couldn’t connect to internet with my ipad (had to press “renew license” ????) Will now try and connect again. Thanks

  5. I am here cursing as well, bought the Canon printer a week ago, tried several times but failed to connect it. A BT hub seems to be so much better and easier as I have found out by watching an online induction.

  6. Ive been trying to search for half an hour so glad i clicked on this super helpful thank you for going through the hassle for us!

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