Activating Microsoft Office 2013

Through the agreement my employer has with Microsoft, I am eligible to get Office at a discount through the Home Use Program.

Having downloaded and installed Office 2013 on Windows 7, I found that I could not register/activate the software.  All the MS help pages just say unhelpful things along the line of “You don’t need to activate Office 2013, it will do it automatically”.  But it just didn’t work giving a typically useful MS error message “Something went wrong”.

Anyway, long story short, you have to either deactivate User Account Control or run the software as an administrator to make this work.  This is the case even if you are logged on as an account with administrator privileges already.

I chose to run as administrator:

In the Start menu, right click any office application and choose Run as administrator:


Choose yes on the pop up box that asks if you want excel to make changes to your computer.

Activation then worked automatically as MS said it would.

Apparently turning off UAC will also work but I did not try this.


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