Movie Ramblings: Hummingbird

stathamhummingbirdI’ve watched a few Jason Statham movies recently, my ramblings about Parker are here.  I might get round to writing about the others at some point!

This one is widely touted as the film that proves that Jason Statham can act.  I’m not sure that I’m bothered about this.  As I’ve said before, I watch this kind of movie for specific things, people getting punched by Jason, people punching Jason, people getting sworn at and shot at left right and centre.

The ramblings below contain discussion of the plot and therefore could be considered to be spoliers.

Jason Statham is a soldier whose unit gets ambushed and killed.  He escapes and kills a bunch of insurgents.  The army don’t appreciate this and decide to court-martial him so he disappears and lives on the streets for years.  This is where we meet him, a drunk living in a cardboard box with a girl.  The homeless people are getting shaken down for drugs by local thugs and when they threaten his girl, Jason stands up to them.

hummingbird-fr-300In proper Statham style he lets them beat the crap out of him for a bit so that the others can run away then he manages to escape and run away from his attackers.  While running he literally falls into the lap of luxury, falling through the roof window of a luxury apartment that just happens to be empty for the next 6 months.  He nurses himself back to health and sobriety.

Over the course of a few months, he develops a Hummingbird14-001relationship with a nun who runs a homeless shelter.  He starts working for some Chinese gangsters as a driver and enforcer and earns a huge amount of money.  He mostly spends his money on buying pizza for the homeless dudes at the shelter and on inappropriate clothing for the nun he fancies.  Although the nun points out the inappropriateness of the clothes, she fails to point out that providing basic food and amenities for the homeless would be better than buying them Dominoes every night!

Eventually he discovers that the girl he shared a box with has become a prostitute and has been murdered by a particularly vicious client.  So, unlike Parker, this film falls into the stereotype of the damsel in distress being the excuse for large amounts of brutality and killing.  Hey did he just gratuitously torture that guy?  Yes he did but it is fine because he is doing it all for the honour of a girl.  He also has a change of heart about beating up people for money for the China Town gang and gives up that job to go in search of the killer of his previous box-mate.

Thereafter follows the usual format of a revenge flick.  Lots of fighting, beating and shooting at least one broken arm and people thrown off buildings.

I have no idea why it is called Hummingbird except that he seems to hallucinate them occasionally and he mentions once that he saw some on the day that the attack on his unit happened.

I watched this a while ago and made some notes after so that I could remember what it was about.  I’ve kept them here as I thought they were quite succinct.

Statham is an ex-service man who did bad things in Afghanistan (I think).  Skips out on court martial and lives on the streets of London.  Comes back to the world as an enforcer for Chinese Mafia, punches a lot of people in the face, decides this isn’t very nice, shags a nun, throws a bloke off a building and possibly gets arrested. No idea why it is called Hummingbird except he seems to hallucinate them.


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