Movie Ramblings: Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl


The new transfer student is a vampire, the science teacher is a Frankenstein wannabe, the school nurse is a nymphomaniac with a taste for murder.  Most of the film leads up to the showdown between Frankenstein’s creation and the transfer student suggested by the title. The only film you’re ever likely to see where a person takes off her legs and screws them into the top of her head to use them as a helicopter.

This film is full of very crude stereotypes of Japanese people and culture and other cultures as (presumably) seen through the eyes of the Japanese. There are lolita maids who come to school in frilly maid costumes, ganguro girls who black up and dress and behave like extremely racist caricatures of black people, there’s a self harm club and lots of other weirdness.  The science teacher dresses like a glam rocker and plays guitars made out of student’s bones.  He and the school nurse are up to despicable things in the basement.

Don't all science teachers get up to similar things in their school basements?
Don’t all science teachers get up to similar things in their school basements?
Racism or social commentary?
Racism or social commentary?

The new transfer student has brought her henchman Igor with her to dispose of the bodies and he is certainly kept busy over the course of the movie.

If you’re watching a film like this then I think I can safely assume that it is not for the plot or the dialogue or the acting but for the absurdly over the top action and effects.  You probably won’t be disappointed although I did find a lot of the sequences slightly on the wrong side of ridiculous or just so shoddily done that it distracts from enjoyment but overall it did what I wanted which was to deliver bucket-loads of over the top gore with laugh out loud ridiculous action scenes.  The only real complaint that I have it it took too long to get the the ludicrous action, introducing and setting up characters that really served no purpose in the grand scheme of things and then killing them off for no real reason.

vampire v frankenstein


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