Movie Ramblings: Stonehenge Apocalypse


Having not paid attention when selecting this movie I was a little disappointed to find that this is not a British movie. Despite most of the characters being British and the rest American, this is actually listed as a Canadian movie on IMDb. So at least it isn’t an American movie trying to depict British people. The plot is ridiculous and full of holes and the effects are cheap but over all it was a surprisingly enjoyable movie in similar vein to Disaster Zone: Volcano in New York.

I’m going to discuss the plot in this post but I don’t think knowing the plot will detract from the enjoyment of the kinds of people who will watch this movie anyway!

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Movie Ramblings: Truth Or Dare

truth_or_dare_posterTruth or Dare, also called Truth or Die, is a British horror film in the revenge/teen slasher mould. While it has some interesting ideas and is nicely made, ultimately it is neither interesting nor shocking enough to make it anything remarkable. None of the characters are likeable and who lives or dies and why really doesn’t hold your interest.

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Movie Ramblings: Come out and Play


This is apparently a re-make of the 1976 Spanish horror “¿Quién puede matar a un niño?” or “Who can kill a child” in English. For some reason the English language title of this movie is “Island of the Damned”. Probably for the same reason that “La hora fría” was released as “The Dark Hour” in English. Anyway, apparently it is pretty much a scene for scene remake although I haven’t seen the original to compare.

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Movie Ramblings: 6 Plots


From the title of this thriller/horror I was hoping for some kind of unravelling of 6 parallel storylines which neatly reveal the identity of the killer and their motives at the end. Unfortunately this film isn’t that clever. But it doesn’t try to be clever either and is just a straightforward story of a school girl trying to find her friends before they are murdered.

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Movie Ramblings: Get Over It


Much like the Snow White rip off that I reviewed the other day, this is another film that I have no recollection of adding to my watch list. In fact I thought my girlfriend had added it as it is a musical romantic comedy. Unlike Snow White however, I am very glad I did add it for whatever reason* as it turns out to be a charming and very funny film. It isn’t particularly deep or meaningful and the plot won’t have you scratching your head but it made me laugh and gave us a warm and contented feeling when it was finished. Continue reading


Movie Ramblings: Snow White – Curse of the Axe Man

snow_white_axe_curse_coverYou can tell right away from the title that this isn’t going to be a great film. It is one of those that I have no idea how it ended up on my watch list in the first place. Ok, sure I like bad horror movies but I’m certainly not on a mission to watch every one I can find so there must have been some tenuous link with another movie or actor or director that I liked to put it on the list. Whatever the reason it escapes me now. I should start making notes about why I wanted to watch a particular film when I add it to the list. This may seem a bit off topic but this is one of the rare bad horror films that I have chosen that really has no redeeming features, it isn’t in the so bad it is good category at all, it is just plain bad. So I want to know why I decided to put it on my list so that I can avoid using those same criteria in the future. Continue reading