Movie Ramblings: Stonehenge Apocalypse


Having not paid attention when selecting this movie I was a little disappointed to find that this is not a British movie. Despite most of the characters being British and the rest American, this is actually listed as a Canadian movie on IMDb. So at least it isn’t an American movie trying to depict British people. The plot is ridiculous and full of holes and the effects are cheap but over all it was a surprisingly enjoyable movie in similar vein to Disaster Zone: Volcano in New York.

I’m going to discuss the plot in this post but I don’t think knowing the plot will detract from the enjoyment of the kinds of people who will watch this movie anyway!

Despite what it says on the IMDb page and on the website of the well known online video rental place I got this film from, the plot has nothing to do with finding a skeleton at Stonehenge. The story actually revolves around the theory that loads of ancient monuments are linked together by energy lines that have something to do with “The planet’s energy field”. An archaeological dig in the US triggers a release of energy that gets Stonehenge spinning around like some kind of Stargate. The henge starts regularly sending out pulses that cause various ancient sites around the world to erupt like mega volcanoes.

The good old British scientists work out that there is a reducing pattern in the signals and translate it into a nice human-understandable countdown clock plot-device. With the help of an American conspiracy theorist they head off in search of the one thing that, he says, can save the world from destruction at the hands of Stonehenge and whatever mysterious creatures built it.

In the space of the 30-odd hour countdown our heroes manage to fly to the US, get involved in a shootout at a museum, drive around the country measuring electromagnetic waves looking for a hidden temple, find the temple, get involved in a shootout at the temple, run around in the woods, get involved in a shootout in the woods, finally get the mysterious key, jet back to the UK, drive from whatever US airbase that they land at and get back to Stonehenge just in time to foil a treacherous plot, get shot at one last time and heroically save the world at the very last second. Phew!

Very roughly an area 100 miles in diameter centred on Stonehenge
That’s a lot of people to evacuate in 2 hours!

My favourite bits are when the American army thinks they can evacuate a 100 mile radius around Stonehenge in under 2 hours and the fact that the senior officers are still standing within sight of the monument even when the area is supposedly evacuated.

Very roughly an area 100 miles in diameter centred on Stonehenge

I’m not sure whether to praise the set/prop department for their depiction of Stonehenge. Obviously, being filmed in Canada, there was no chance of using the real thing (I don’t think English Heritage would have allowed them to spin the stones around anyway) and so the opening long shot is of a CG model. However, when the camera zooms in to some tourists admiring the stones, it looks like they are standing in the CG model. But I think that the prop people have actually made such a faithful reproduction of the CG that it is hard to tell the difference. Of course if could be the other way round.

What Stonehenge actually looks like
What Stonehenge actually looks like
What Stonehenge looks like when it is intent on destroying the world
What Stonehenge looks like when it is intent on destroying the world

There’s a load of guff about thermophilic bacteria and terraforming the Earth for some other species and there’s a doomsday cult in a pseudo Myan temple under the ground in the US what more could you want really!


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