Movie Ramblings: Notre Jour Viendra (Our Day Will Come)


In this French film, Remy, a young man fed up with being bullied and put down by his friends and family, lashes out at his mother and goes on the run. His therapist, Patrick,  finds him and helps him out by giving him a lift to see his girlfriend. When this doesn’t go as well as hoped, the two go off on a road trip. The initially helpful therapist starts putting them into increasingly confrontational and dangerous situations. After a while, the relationship between the two characters sours and the therapist becomes depressed and withdrawn handing over the manic persona to his young friend.

Remy gets the idea to go to Ireland where all the people are readheads and where he hopes he won’t be bullied for the colour of his hair. While trying to get there this unlikely couple leave a trail of destruction and damaged people.They become progressively deranged and violent as they near their destination.

I’m not really sure what is going on in this film. I’m sure that it is supposed to be symbolic or some kind of metaphor but ultimately they go over my head and the rest of the film isn; entertaining enough without that deeper level of understanding.


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