Movie Ramblings: The Odd Life of Timothy Green

The_Odd_Life_of_Timothy_Green_posterFirst up, this is a Disney film so expect cheesy and sickly sweet in places but in between it is quirky and charming enough for that not to matter.

Cindy Green (Jennifer Garner) and Jim Green (Joel Edgerton) are a couple who have just found out that they can’t have children.  They make a list of all the attributes their perfect son would have and he mysteriously arrives in their vegetable patch.  Being a Disney movie it doesn’t deal very well with the obvious problem of how to explain an 11 year old boy who just turns up one day and after a brief period of shock and confusion they just get on with pretending that they have had him all along. Bizarrely all of their acquaintances seem to go along with this as well.

As the film progresses, Jim and Cindy learn what it means to be parents and Timothy gradually displays the attributes that they wished for one by one. Quite heartwarming and funny in places but essentially a bit flimsy, especially in the adult characters.


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