Movie Ramblings: Zombies vs Strippers


Not to be confused with Zombie Strippers, this is a pretty disappointing exploitation style movie. It takes the very standard idea of a group trapped in a location and besieged by zombies trying to fight their way out. In this case the location they are trapped in is a seedy strip club that is on the verge of going out of business. As the staff and customers gear up for one big final party, the shambling horde edges ever closer.

This film is very poorly acted and directed. A lot of lines are spoken direct to camera (but without the self aware 4th wall breaking element which has been used to great effect in some low budget horrors). It often feels like the action stops to allow a character deliver some crappy one liner and then picks up again. There is some occasional relief from some good characters but most of the characters are so one-dimensional that you don’t care whether they live or die but are just relieved when they go away.

This film is not even lifted by the nudity that is obviously inherent in a film about a strip joint. Somehow they even make this seem unnatural and gratuitous. Seems to be set up for a sequel at the end but hopefully they didn’t bother.

If you want to watch a film about zombies and strippers, try Zombie Strippers instead which is probably just as bad but at least manages to be entertaining.


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