Movie Ramblings: Super Troopers


Super Troopers is an American comedy about rivalry between 2 local police departments. The highway cops are goof offs who love to play pranks on each other and on members of the public. Unsurprisingly this department is on the verge of being shut down and their responsibilities taken over by the local police department who are straight-laced professionals. When a drug related murder happens on the highway, the scene is set for the highway cops to prove their worth and the conflict between the 2 departments is set to explode with (supposedly) hilarious results.

This movie comes from Broken Lizard who are an American comedy group with roots in college comedy sketches. So I guess it is no surprise that this film runs a lot like a series of individual sketches. The highway cops play pranks, they see how many times they can say “meow” in a traffic stop, they deliberately confuse a group of stoners and then trick them into thinking they have been kidnapped by a psychotic cop killer, they shoot each other in the nuts while wearing bulletproof codpieces. So far, so Jackass.

There is an overall story involving a drug bust and police corruption which serves to link together these sketches and to provide an excuse for some of the supposedly hilarious situations. The story is reasonably weak but just about stands up to scrutiny.


The sketches themselves are a bit of a mixed bunch. Some are absolutely hilarious, some are downright bad and others are just enough to make you smile. The cops getting shot in the nuts is somehow much funnier than the basic premise sounds and the stoners are pretty good too. This is often billed as a gross-out comedy film but really, apart from one scene of a drunken man repeatedly vomiting, there isn’t anything particularly gross unless you are offended by very brief nudity.

The main story revolves around forbidden love between one member of the highway police and a member of the local police force. Between them (as well as having sex) they discover police corruption and drug running which presents the highway cops with an opportunity to get one over on the local cops and hopefully gain a reprieve from closure. For some reason the local cop helps the highway cops to do this, the reasoning for this, apart from the aforementioned relationship, is, like most other plot points in this film, is glossed over in the rush to get to the next laugh.


Overall a mildly entertaining movie but nowhere near as funny as billed and not enough story to fill in the gaps between laughs. It is worth hanging on for the epilogue following the climax if you do watch it though.


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