Movie Ramblings: Robogeisha


Robogeisha is a Japanese film about 2 young sisters who are recruited by an evil organisation to become assassins. Older sister Kikue is a renowned geisha and is very mean to her younger sister Yoshie who everyone thinks is plain and clumsy. After a disastrous evening entertaining the son of a powerful business man, both girls are drafted in to join his army of female warriors and assassins.

It soon becomes clear that the younger sister is the better assassin and the older one is relegated to menial work in the organisation. However, after Yoshie disgraces herself, Kikue is given the opportunity to take her place. As part of their training the girls become increasingly roboticised with added weapons and other upgrades.

After realising the evilness of their mentors, Yoshie starts working against the organisation while her sister remains behind and becomes more and more loyal to the organisation to make up for Yoshie’s treachery. Yoshie meanwhile joins up with some people whose relatives have been brainwashed by the organisation and tries to free them and her sister.

The evil organisation has some kind of plan involving an ancient castle that transforms into a giant robot, goes on a rampage through the city splatting office blocks and attempts to drop a nuclear bomb into Mt Fuji.


This film is from the same people who brought us Machine Girl and has the same levels of ridiculous over the top violence and dodgy special effects. The plot is obviously weird and familiar to anyone who has seen an episode of Power Rangers. The production values and effects are about as good as a Power Rangers episode too. Some of this I think is deliberate, much like in Vampire Girl Versus Frankenstein Girl, but also it feels very low budget rather than anything ironic.

Needless to say, the sisters eventually resolve their differences, merge into one (what else?), defeat the evil and save the world. Aside from the amusing plot, much of the amusement of this film comes from seeing all of the increasingly absurd modifications that are made to the girls to make them more effective fighters. Full sized katana blades that come out of armpits and heads are by far the most sensible of these.


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