Movie Ramblings: Feast II


In Feast 2 some of the survivors from Feast and some unusual new survivors try to survive the rampaging monsters in a small town just down the road from the bar where the first story takes place.

This film starts, like the first, with little potted introductions of the characters. This time though they are little video clips in a mixture of mock interview and flashback montage jammed unceremoniously into a scene. These seem to go on for a long time and lack the immediacy and punch of the scorecard style printed summaries of the original. Disappointingly no one gets an “upgrade” during this film like some of the characters from the first one.

There is a lot of time spent introducing a lot of new characters; a paranoid car salesman who thinks his wife is cheating, his wife, his colleague who is screwing his wife, a female biker gang, a pair of midget wrestlers and their grandmother, a junkie locked in the police station. I think that’s all of them. Frankly I got a bit bored with the introductions as really I wanted to find out what had happened to the characters that survived the first movie. Unfortunately there isn’t much of that in here.

There is a lot of flashback stuff that shows what happened in the town during the events at the bar. This is kind of interesting and has some good action in it but ultimately felt like it was only there as an excuse for introducing new characters and I found it distracting from what I wanted to see. Finally, and quite abruptly, the action moves on to the day after the first movie and all the characters are brought together in the town. They struggle to put aside their differences and work together to survive and escape the monsters that are killing and shagging everything they can get their hands on. They have only very limited success in this area.

One of the survivors of the first film
One of the survivors of the first film

As you would expect from the first movie, there is plenty of violence and gore here. The monsters are still men in rubber suits just like the first time but because there are more of them and much of the action takes place during the day, this fact is a lot more obvious. Still, they are nowhere near the worst monster costume I’ve seen. The town is copiously littered with dead bodies or parts of them and the effects are handled nicely when members of our group are attacked. The gore is over the top and occasionally obviously fake but that’s what you were expecting from this movie right? If not, maybe you are better of watching something that takes itself a bit more seriously!

Despite obviously avoiding more modern special effects for the monsters, a lot of the action which takes place on the rooftop towards the end is very obviously filmed against a green screen. There are shots of them filming this on a soundstage in the DVD extras. This seems disappointing since they had a great location to shoot in and most of the exterior shots seem to be location rather than staged.

There’s also a lot of “gross out” stuff which I think is supposed to be funny but really just amounts to schoolyard humour about bodily fluids and a bunch of people vomiting all over the place. This really didn’t add anything at all to the film even from the stance of self referential critique of other movies in the genre.

Some of our new characters survey the situation from the (relative) safety of a rooftop
Some of our new characters survey the situation from the (relative) safety of a rooftop

In addition to the monster on human violence, there is also quite a bit of human on human violence in this movie, some of which was quite uncomfortable to watch. I don’t know why it was put in the film but it seems out of character for the people doing it and for the rest of the people not to intervene. The one scene is uncomfortably long and either the director is trying to make a point here or really needed some extra footage to get to a certain length.

There’s also some gratuitous nudity as the group decide that they need to use most of the girl’s clothes to build a device to save them from monster attack. Despite there being a number of women wearing significantly more clothes and 2 men both wearing 2 shirts each, these ladies remain inexplicably naked for the rest of the film. There isn’t even any explanation of what they needed their clothes for, it all happens off camera and the device is presented fait accompli.

The ending is left kind of hanging (but watch the credits for more) and there is a third film to finish up the story so unless you are a fan of unfinished stories, don’t forget to check out Feast III!


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