Movie Ramblings: Forbidden World (Mutant)


Forbidden World is an Alien rip off that seems to be also trying to cash in on the Forbidden Planet name. This sci-fi exploitation flick tries to make up for it’s lack of originality in the plot and character department with copious over the top gore and gratuitous nudity. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to have been much money spent on the gore effects either with most of them just looking like piles of variously coloured custard. The boobs are OK but by no means make up for the rest of the flaws in this film.

Apparently a lot of the effects, sets and costumes are all re-used from other films (as is much of the plot!), including the whole opening space battle sequence which really has nothing to do with the rest of the film except to introduce the main character and his robot sidekick and to make is about 5 minutes longer.

The basic premise is that some scientists have accidentally created a mutant organism that can’t be killed and which is determined to kill all the puny humans it can get its tentacles on. The scientists call in a troubleshooter to help them get rid of it (just as soon as he has finished the random space battle mentioned above). When he arrives, all the female scientists immediately fall in love with him causing some rifts and leading to the nudity mentioned above. Everyone searches for the monster (in between shagging, nude sunbathing and other important activities). The monster isn’t very good at hiding and the hunters keep finding it, usually just before it kills them.

What all fashionable space scientists are wearing this season.
What all fashionable space scientists are wearing this season.

Eventually one of the scientists works out how to kill the unkillable monster by sacrificing himself, and the remaining crew finish it off and scarper.

This film is full of dodgy special effects and bad acting and dialogue. But the most distracting thing about it all is the actions of the characters. One minute they are terrified for their lives having just seen a friend and colleague dissolve into a pile of pink goo and the next they are casually taking a shower or sunbathing nude in an area where they know a killer monster is on the loose!

That used to be one of our colleagues...oh well, lets just wander off and get naked somewhere.
That used to be one of our colleagues…oh well, lets just wander off and get naked somewhere.

Overall I probably wouldn’t bother watching this, it makes it on to the so bad it’s good list but only just. Maybe if you have a few friends round for some drinks and want something to laugh at. Apparently, the director re-cut the film because test audiences thought it was a comedy!


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