Movie Ramblings: Little Deaths


Little Deaths is a collection of 3 short films dealing with intertwined themes of sex and death. Despite a promising brief, this movie is ultimately disappointing. Most importantly, the DVD cover/poster is a complete lie (above), nothing even remotely similar to the picture on the front of the DVD happens in any of the 3 segments. I really hate this and have seen it quite a lot recently, most recently on Apocalyptic.

The three segments don’t seem to overlap at all which is a shame, I like it when you can just spot one or two characters or locations in passing. There are some interesting ideas in each of them which work to greater and lesser degrees. None of the segments are particularly brilliant but some of them are better than others. Acting is pretty good and pretty much the same standard across all 3. With the exception of the middle segment they are nicely filmed with realistic effects. The middle segment is definitely the poorest in terms of effects and story while the last one I found the most uncomfortable due to emotional conflict. I’m not sure I’d bother watching any of these again though.

Spoilers from here on.

Segment 1 “House and Home”

Runners up in the 2011 Best Dressed Samaritans award, couples category...
Runners up in the 2011 Best Dressed Samaritans award, couples category…

2 wealthy Christians take homeless people off the street for sex and get more than they bargained for when they pick up one girl, improbably and prophetically named “Sorrow”, who turns out to be some kind of monster.

It is really obvious in this one that the Christian couple are dodgy and it is no surprise when they drug the girl they have picked up and tie her up in the basement to have sex with her. When she grows fangs and starts munching on the wife is a nice twist but it would have been nice if either the Christian couple were just good Samaritans or if their dodgy intentions were as well hidden as the true nature of Sorrow and her friends.

Segment 2 “Mutant Tool”

Being chained in a basement and experimented on always sounds more fun than it actually is...
Being chained in a basement and experimented on always sounds more fun than it actually is…

A dodgy doctor is doing experiments with drugs derived from a strange man with a huge penis. The drugs heal you but also cause you to hallucinate other people’s past actions when you touch them. The man with the Mutant Tool is chained up in a warehouse somewhere where dodgy doctors are extracting fluids from him to make into drugs.

Out in the outside world, they are also looking for people to test the drugs on and find one in the form of a recovering/lapsed drug addict. After some time of taking the pills she starts to crave lots of sex and starts working as a prostitute. She also starts hallucinating when she touches people, seeing things that they have done and also snatches of the man in the basement. Finally she goes back to the doctor to find out what’s going on and ends up chained in a warehouse with a huge penis grafted on to her.

This segment just seems to be trying too hard to shock with huge, permanently ejaculating penises, violence and prostitution. Unfortunately like a lot of things that go out of their way purely to shock there isn’t really any substance to this and it is easily the weakest of three not very strong segments.

Segment 3 “Bitch”

When roleplaying goes bad...
When roleplaying goes bad…

A couple have a kinky relationship where she will only have sex with him if he dresses and behaves like a dog. Ironically she is scared stiff of real dogs. When she becomes abusive and unfaithful he punishes her by collecting dogs and locking her in a room with them.

This is quite uncomfortable to watch in parts. It centres on an abusive relationship between a young couple. The girl dominates and humiliates the boy, initially just in the bedroom but this behaviour spreads out to the outside world as well. Initially this is exciting for both of them, intensifying their sexual relationship but soon the boy starts to tire of it and tries to initiate a more “normal” relationship.

When the girl rejects his ideas and has sex with his best friend (without making him dress like a dog) he seems to give up. However, over the calm few weeks that follow, he spends his spare time stealing dogs and keeping them in a rented garage. When he has “enough” he sets out to seduce his girlfriend again and then ties her to the bed and locks her in the room with all his dogs.

The nice thing about the end of this one is it leaves things up to the imagination. There is no indication that the dogs have harmed the girl at all and though it seems like the boy has packed up and left the flat where they live he may go back. The film ends but the story continues, nice to see a little bit of style in this mix.


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