Movie Ramblings: Feast III

Feast_3_posterFeast 3 is by far the weakest of the Feast trio. As expected what you get here is essentially more of what you got in Feast 2 only somewhat less so. There are precious few new characters and they don’t hang around long, there is no development of the existing characters and no plot development either. You don’t find out anything more about the monsters, what they are or where they come from etc.

So basically what you get is 73 minutes of the characters from Feast 2 running, screaming and getting killed off in various ways. While this is a perfectly sound concept for a low budget horror movie, it is exactly the same concept with exactly the same characters, locations and monsters as the previous instalment and therefore for me needed something more to liven it up a bit.

On the plus side, the girls who had been topless since the rooftop in Feast 2 finally decided to pick up some clothes and cover up. Not from any of the other characters who are wearing several layers though but from random dead people. Well I guess they won’t be needing clothes any more.

This film was shot back to back with Feast 2 and it really shows. The effects, direction, acting and cast are all exactly what you would expect from Feast 2 and there is a nice comfortable feeling from that which you don’t always get with sequels filmed years apart. On the downside though, this film feels like it is cobbled together from scenes that they didn’t have time or money to shoot or edit into the second film. It opens with a sequence re-capping events from Feast 2 which almost certainly has been lifted directly from that film and isn’t really necessary. Without the recap/flashback sequence, this film might even come in under one hour. This all makes this feel like an afterthought rather than a series-concluding film.

Something that was quite original from the first film was the way that the characters were introduced with calling cards with snappy and witty little biographies of each character. I’m sure this has been done elsewhere too but it worked well in the original and did away with the need for lots of boring exposition that can really bog down a film that is based around action.

A character introduction from the original Feast movie
A character introduction from the original Feast movie

These were replaced in the second film with annoying video biographies which did the opposite and interrupted the action with annoying exposition. Feast 3 brings back the on-screen captions for the existing characters which is great and supplements them with mini versions of the video biographies from the second film which are OK now that they are more compact and there are fewer of them.

A rare new character appears in Feast 3
A rare new character appears in Feast 3

One of the things I really liked about these in Feast was that they changed when the circumstances of the character changed. So when a damsel in distress character suddenly takes up the fight and becomes a Heroine character, the upgrade card was printed on the screen which was fun and interesting. This is conspicuously missing from both Feast 2 and Feast 3. Whether this is because they decided they didn’t like it or because there is actually no character development after the first movie I’ll leave up to you to judge.

There are some pretty good bits in amongst all the rehashing and the ending is weird enough to make you laugh if you like weird endings but if you are looking for any kind of closure or redemption you’ll be disappointed. Overall I’d say only watch it if you really enjoyed Feast & Feast 2. If you thought the first 2 were just OK, I wouldn’t bother.


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