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Scotland Trip 2014 Part 1 – Edinburgh

The bedroom in the Highfield Hotel
The bedroom in the Highfield Hotel

Our 2014 trip to Scotland began with an overnight stop in Durham. We stayed at the Highfield Hotel. Due to some car problems, we were so tired

that we didn’t actually leave the hotel. Fortunately there was a Thai restaurant and a pub in the hotel so we didn’t need to go anywhere for a drink and a meal. The food was really good and the staff were very friendly.

The hotel itself was nothing special and a little shabby in places but the room was large and comfortable and after a good meal and a good night’s sleep we were ready to continue on the next leg of our journey up to Edinburgh. Worried about the rush hour traffic in an unfamiliar city we headed off early and were so early that we had to stop off for coffee and a cake on the way so that we didn’t arrive at the guest house in Edinburgh too early.

Our chosen accommodation for one night in Edinburgh was Arrandale Guest House, a small B&B within walking distance of the city centre and Holyrood Park. We arrived at exactly 12:00 which is when we had arranged to arrive but unfortunately the room wasn’t ready yet so we had to leave our stuff in the car and head straight into town.

We started our tour of Scotland’s capital with a walk around Holyrood Park. We hadn’t realised that some very busy roads run through the park and it was pretty difficult to cross some of them to get to the footpaths up the hills. We also hadn’t anticipated how very windy it would be up on the hills but we were rewarded with some good views of the city, the castle and the parliament building.





Edinburgh Castle in the distance.


The Scottish parliament buildings.
Holyrood Palace.


Coming down from the hills in Holyrood Park, we passed the parliament building and Holyrood Palace and walked along the Royal Mile to the castle. We spent a lovely afternoon wandering the Princes Street park and the churchyard of the parish church of St Cuthbert at the far end of the park.




Some cute houses we found just down the road from the castle.



The floral clock in the Princes Street gardens.
The castle from the bottom of the cliff.
Pretty flowers among the gravestones at the parish church of St Cuthbert










The castle looks very imposing from down here.
The trains run right along the bottom of the cliff below the castle.


After spending some time in the park and wandering around the shops and cafes in Edinburgh centre, we went and found somewhere to eat dinner. The restaurant we went to was very nice and friendly with good food and drink but most interesting were the toilets. These were down a large number of steps into the basement and along some industrial corridors but most interesting was the wallpaper:

IMG_20140926_185951_173 IMG_20140926_185742_301 IMG_20140926_185735_398 IMG_20140926_173507_819 IMG_20140926_173437_779

Following dinner I was too drunk to work out the buses so we staggered back home to the guest house to sleep.

The following morning we were up early for breakfast and headed on towards Aviemore and our final destination, Boat of Garten. But before then we stopped at the Edinburgh Royal Botanic Gardens.


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