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Scotland Trip 2014 Part 3 – Boat of Garten

Following our visit to Edinburgh, we drove on up to Boat of Garten where we would be based for the rest of the week.

We spent the week hiking around lochs and castles, visited a distillery and generally enjoyed ourselves in the great outdoors. We were very lucky with the weather which remained warm (for the time of the year) and mostly dry for our trip. The following week once we were back home, the temperature had dropped from 13C to around freezing and some of the places we had been walking were cut off by flooding!

Some of the highlights of the trip were:

  • Visiting Loch Ness and the visitor centre with its quirky displays about monster sightings
  • Urquhart Castle
  • Balvenie Distillery in Dufftown
  • Hiking through seemingly endless seas of heather and bracken first in search of a waterfall and then in search of anything that might resemble a path.
  • The great walks available just on our doorstep.

There are too many photos to add individually to this post so I’m putting them in a gallery with descriptions on some of the more interesting ones.

After our last day in Boat of Garten we headed back home again via Durham.  This time we at least got a chance to wander around this beautiful city but were too tired to do any more than that. We stayed the night in a service station Days Inn which was exactly as luxurious as you would expect and headed home the following morning.


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