Movie Ramblings: Lego Movie


I’ve been thinking for a while now about what to write about this movie. I could talk about the fact that it is essentially a children’s movie but has a lot of things to keep adults interested, like nostalgic Lego sets and parodies of Batman. I could go on about how it essentially steals the plot of The Matrix and mixes it with aesthetic values from Adventure Time made out of Lego bricks. Then there’s the amazing effects design where every single thing you see on screen (allegedly) is created out of digital versions of actual Lego bricks. And the fact that I didn’t like the more smooth and glossy bits because they didn’t look like they were made out of bricks when they were.

But I realised that really all you need to know about this movie is…




Oh, (spoilerz) and I really don’t like the parts of this movie with humans in. It’s a nice idea of conflict between the orderly adult mind and the chaotic child wanting to play and make new things. But it doesn’t work well for me. There is either far too much or nowhere near enough for my taste. They could have just had the humans as godlike characters occasionally sweeping away whole areas and recreating them differently. Or they could have had more explanation of the human’s back story and the reasons for the way they behave. They could have had more interaction between the toy world and human world. That would make it a lot like Toy Story but they don’t seem to mind too much “borrowing” from other movies and stories anyway. Anyway, to me the human scenes feel like they have been tacked on to a movie that was nicely self contained in the first place almost as if they were scared that the public wouldn’t like a film about toys if it didn’t have any human characters in it.

I really enjoyed this movie, and the song, and hope that they produce similar Lego films in the future.


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