Movie Ramblings: Django Unchained


A western movie from Quentin Tarantino involving bounty hunters and the slave trade. You know what to expect here; violence, swearing, and more racial epithets than you can count*. The plot doesn’t really matter, most of the characters have done some evil deed or other and some of the less unpleasant characters are going to end up taking revenge on some of the more distasteful ones. They are going to be super-cool doing it and to hell with things like common sense and historical accuracy. Continue reading


Movie Ramblings: The Fountain


Similar to Cloud Atlas, The Fountain weaves together three stories which stretch across time and space with the same actors playing characters in each strand. As the narrative jumps about between story strands, we begin to find out how they are related and which characters and stories are real and which are made up.
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Movie Ramblings: American Mary


Mary (Katharine Iasbelle) is an impoverished surgical student who decides to pay off her debts by working in a strip club. At the “interview” it is evident that she would be a terrible stripper but, as luck would have it, the strip joint just happens to have a surgical emergency in the basement. Continue reading


Movie Ramblings: Haywire


Haywire is a pretty standard espionage/double-cross movie. The main character in this movie is Mallory Kane played by Gina Carano who is more famous as a mixed martial arts fighter than an actress. So there is a lot of fighting in this movie although not as much as in say, The Raid or Ong Bak. There’s also a lot of other action, running, climbing and jumping from rooftops which is nicely filmed and fun to watch. Surprisingly for this kind of movie, there’s also a lot of nicely styled slow scenes that feel a bit more like The Thomas Crown Affair. Continue reading


Movie Ramblings: Side Effects


Side Effects is a story about a depressed woman who is prescribed a new anti-depressant to help her cope with the return of her insider-trading husband from prison. The side effects of these drugs seem to make her do unusual things in her sleep. What starts off as a medical drama about medical trials soon turns into a criminal and courtroom drama and thriller. Continue reading


Movie Ramblings: Old School


Old School is kind of a cross between American Pie, Fight Club and one of my disturbed dreams*. I was pleasantly surprised by this film. Sure, it is shallow, has approximately zero character development or plot and has some definite cringe moments but these flaws are actually outshone by genuinely funny and warm scenes. Pretty much the opposite of my recent experience with Ted. The only thing I’ll really complain about is the very poor female characters.

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Movie Ramblings: Eyeborgs


Eyeborgs is based around the idea of constant pervasive surveillance. In addition to ubiquitous CCTV cameras, the government has deployed millions of small robots called Eyeborgs which are essentially CCTV cameras that can follow you around. Although this film was only released in 2009, the technology seems quite dated. Surveillance systems available even to the general public these days are much more covert and mobile than the slightly clunky bipedal robots in this film. Continue reading