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Japan: Day 18 Tokyo Shopping

We booked into a hotel at Haneda airport for the last 2 nights of our stay in Tokyo as we have a very early flight out and didn’t fancy getting up really early to make it. On our second to last full day in Japan we spent most of our time shopping around a very rainy Tokyo and moving to the airport hotel.

We went to Tokyo station and visited the twin Maronouchi buildings in the pouring rain. There is a lot of construction going on around here and the above ground footpaths are very confusing so we got quite wet getting essentially across the road. We only realised much later on that we could have gone from the station to the skyscraping shopping complexes underground and so stayed dry! We found some good souvenirs and presents for people back home in the shopping precincts and department stores in these two buildings.

For lunch, we had some excellent cold noodles and hot dipping soup for lunch in a little restaurant on a floor full of restaurants.

After a very late lunch we headed to the airport to check into our last hotel. Haneda airport is so much more convenient than Narita as it is only a short train ride from the city centre. The Royal Park Hotel is also extremely convenient being located in the international departure lounge. We explored the restaurants and shops in the airport for a bit before retiring ready for our last day.

Continuing my trend for posting the view from our hotel windows:


This is one of the most spacious and newest hotel rooms we have stayed in in Tokyo. I think I was expecting a kind of high capacity motel type place but was definitely very pleasantly surprised.



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