Movie Ramblings: Cold Prey 2

coldprey2bannerFollowing on directly from Cold Prey, Cold Prey 2 starts with the discovery of the survivor from the first film and follows the police investigating and the survivor coming to terms with the events of Cold Prey. This being a horror sequel it is of course only a matter of time before the killer from the first film is stalking the cast once again.

After Jannicke is discovered bloody and wandering on a remote road, she is taken to a nearby hospital for treatment where she tells her story to the doctors and police. The police go to the cabin and discover the bodies of the victims and the killer from the first film and bring them back to the local town to be investigated. Of course they bring them to the very same hospital where the sole survivor of the first movie is recovering and coming to terms with her experiences. A bit contrived perhaps but I guess it is a small town in the middle of nowhere.

The cold weather clothes and pickaxe look a bit out of place in a hospital ward.
The cold weather clothes and pickaxe look a bit out of place in a hospital ward.

The main setting for this film moves to a hospital in a small town nearby to the location of the first film and much of the action takes place in the wards and corridors of the hospital before inevitably moving back to the cabin from the original film for the final showdown. The hospital is closing down tomorrow but this plot point is never expanded on and could just be an excuse for the very small cast. Many of the new characters are policemen who investigate the earlier killings and doctors who are treating the survivor from the first movie. There are also a couple of patients in the hospital who get caught up in events; a small boy and an old lady.

The hospital replaces the cabin as the main setting.
The hospital replaces the cabin as the main setting.

This film is much more of a generic slasher horror movie than the first. People make all the wrong decisions and get killed left and right for it. This is made slightly more annoying by the fact that many of the new victims are policemen who know there is a deranged killer on the loose and should be behaving more sensibly. It also introduces a slight note of the supernatural (although there are similar reported medical cases as referenced by one of the characters). This is disappointing as the first film owed a lot of it’s impact to the fact that the killer was just someone who didn’t like people visiting his home/finding out about all the other people he’s killed.

It's a new character!
It’s a new character!

This film brings in a lot of back story to the people and events of the first film which is interesting and it doesn’t just feel like unnecessary exposition getting in the way of the killing like it would in many other generic horror movies. There are a lot of new characters (obviously, given the events of the first film) but, unlike the killer, none of them really get any background or depth this results in the usual B horror movie problem: The viewer does not care which character the writers are going to kill off next.

This film has a much more final ending than the first, closing the door on all but the most tenuous of sequels. However, I’ve just found out that there is a 3rd film; an origin story set in the 1980s. That ruins my 1 & 2 boxed set but gives me another film to prevent my watchlist from dwindling!

Always double-tap!
Always double-tap!

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