Scarlet Johansson spends most of this film driving around Scotland in a white transit van asking Scottish blokes for directions. Seemingly applying some kind of selection criteria to which we are never privy, she offers some of these men a lift and a subset of those get invited back to her place. And that’s where things get seriously weird.


With very little dialogue and no explanation or exposition whatsoever, it is very difficult to have any clue as to what is going on in this film at any point. Scarlett (her character doesn’t have a name) drives around picking up men and takes some of them back to her place. There the men seem to be in some kind of trance, they get naked and end up submerged in some kind of black goo. There’s a lot of nudity in this film so if you are offended by naked ladies or Scottish todgers, do not watch! There is also some pretty trippy 70s style imagery associated with whatever goes on around the goo which feels pretty out of place compared to the stark, almost colourless design of the rest of those scenes.

There’s also a mysterious man on a motorbike whose relationship with Scarlett is somewhat ambiguous but who seems to follow her around helping her out with some situations. The only reason that she seems to drive a van is so that she can transport the motorbike around.


There are long stretches of pretty dull driving and short but equally dull chats between Scarlett and her potential victims interspersed with some pretty weird imagery combined with nakedness throughout the first 2 sections of the film. Towards the end Scarlett seems to desire more from her relationships and befriends a hiker and spends a bit of time with him. But runs off when it becomes obvious that they are not compatible.

The ending sequence is as bewildering as it is shocking and leaves almost everything from the rest of the film unexplained. Generally I love this kind of ending to a film but the events leading up to it are not sufficiently weird, thought provoking or entertaining enough to make it worth while. Apparently it is supposed to raise some important questions about humanity and the nature of man but those seem to have been lost on me!


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