Kajaki (also called Kilo Two Bravo) is a based-on-a-true story war film about British soldiers. A group of British soldiers are stationed at Kajaki dam, Afghanistan to keep the taliban out of the area. The basic conditions, heat and isolation from their colleagues and the world in general are taking their toll on the soldiers. Occasional skirmishes with the enemy and deliveries of supplies are all that relieve the boredom.

While undertaking a spontaneous mission to attempt to shut down a taliban roadblock, the soldiers come under attack from an unexpected enemy from the past. Long forgotten Soviet anti-personnel mines trap a squad in a dry riverbed and cause significant problems for anyone trying to rescue them.

Much of the film is spend very close to the injured soldiers as their comrades struggle to keep them alive while waiting for a helicopter to become available to rescue them. There is a lot of swearing and military humour and of course a lot of blood and gore.

It is interesting and refreshing to see a war film that is not at all about the enemy. The enemy (in terms of the taliban) in this film is only ever seen at a distance and plays a very minor role in the events. The true story is the relationship between the soldiers and how they reacted to the events. I’m reminded more of films like Apollo 13 with it’s under pressure problem solving than other war films.


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