Movie Ramblings: Legion

Legion follows a standard horror thriller format: a group of strangers with various and initially hidden motives are trapped together in an isolated location surrounded by hordes of murderous bad guys. The twist in this case is that the bad guys are a plague unleashed on the Earth by a dissatisfied God and they have a special mission to carry out with one of the members of the group. Continue reading


Movie Ramblings: Ant Man


If Guardians of the Galaxy is the MCUs lighter funnier side then Ant-Man is the full on over the top wacky side. Hank Pym, a hitherto unmentioned early SHIELD member is introduced here in scenes that take place in 1989. Hank has developed a method of shrinking humans down to the size of an ant. He has used his discovery to become a war hero but is resistant to SHIELD’s attempts to mass produce his technology fearing they will use it for nefarious purposes. After confronting Howard Stark, Peggy Carter and some other original SHIELD members he vows to keep the secret from everyone as long as he lives.

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