Lucy is an action adventure film from Luc Besson and Scarlet Johannson with some really weird supernatural elements reminiscent of Under the Skin and just as weird in places but with a lot more action and story to keep the interest in between weird bits.


Annoyingly predicated upon the absurd idea that humans only use a tiny percentage of their brain capacity and that some kind of special abilities would be bestowed on humans if they managed to increase their usage; this film takes it above the usual improvements in mental capacity and physical abilities and goes into the territory of reality bending psychic powers, telekinesis and a whole load of other weird and wonderful stuff. Fortunately Besson openly acknowledges that this is all bollocks and deliberately overplays it with ridiculously over the top sequences and even an on-screen display showing how much of her brain Lucy is currently able to access.


Much like Crank the premise is absurd but the overall film is brilliantly made and if you are able to suspend your disbelief for 90 minutes then it is enjoyably goofy. Hardly any of it makes any sense, from the very beginning to the way that Lucy develops her powers to what she does with them once she has them but none of that matters if you just relax and let the absurdity wash over you. Open up your eyeballs and allow the pretty visuals pour in and fill up the unused spaces in your brain and you’ll be happy.


There are some huge continuity holes; why does Lucy end up in some kind of dungeon being assaulted by thugs when she should be on a plane home like the other drug mules? How does she get out of the plane and into the hospital? Why does taking more of the drugs sometimes accelerate her transformation and other times slow it down? But again none of these should bother you while you watch this film. If you survive the first 15 minutes without turning off in a fit of scientific outrage then you’ve made a conscious decision to turn off a significant portion of your brain and just go along for the ride and you won’t regret it!

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