Movie Ramblings: Only Lovers Left Alive

Almost painfully cool and artistic Only Lovers Left Alive is full of shots that are lovingly created and often go on for far longer than you would expect from a modern film. However there is none of the sense of growing discomfort that you often get from a prolonged scene. Expect lots of odd angles, lingering close ups and ritualistic scenes. Continue reading


Movie Ramblings: Purge

Not to be confused with The Purge series of films, this historical drama/modern day crime film follows 2 women from different generations and explores the similarities between their very different lives.

A young girl on the run in Estonia stumbles into the yard of an old woman who remembers worse times when Russian communists took control of the country. Told mostly in flashback to early communist times and to much more recent times in the modern sex trade, we soon learn that these two seeming strangers have a lot more in common than it first seems. Continue reading