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Japan Day 15: Nara – Tokyo (10/04/2015)

Today’s plan was to further explore the park and temples in the surrounding area before heading back to Tokyo in the afternoon or evening. When we got up though it was raining hard which put us off the idea. We had booked a traditional breakfast for this morning so we decided to re-think our plans while we ate.

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Japan Day 14: Kyoto – Nara Part 2 “Food” (09/04/2015)


In the evening of our day in Nara, we had a traditional Japanese kaiseki meal served in one of the hotel’s several dining rooms. Kaiseki meals consist of many small courses which are served some one after another and some in groups. There are traditional correct orders and ways to eat the courses but with our limited knowledge and the limited English of the staff we just got on with it and hoped not to cause any offence!

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Early Christmas 2014

Christmas came early again this year as I resumed my self appointed task of cooking Christmas dinner for as many of my friends and their family members as I can get into one place at the same time. This year I was ably and indispensably assisted by Jody and Martin as well as Lizzie, Liz & Lance. Everybody seems to have had a great time and I especially liked being brutally murdered over and over again by a bloodthirsty small child armed with a variety of cutlasses. Continue reading

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Lizzie’s Steampunk Assassin 30th birthday

DSC_0060After much deliberation, Lizzie decided on a “steampunk assassin” theme for her thirtieth birthday party.  Once the theme was announced, construction of costumes and decorations began.  Lizzie got very excited when she ordered a bespoke cake from Glitter and Sparkle Cakes with a steampunk theme. Continue reading

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Dublin trip with Lizzie

DSC_0034For her twenty-somethingth birthday, Lizzie decided that she would like to go away with her boyfriend (that’s me by the way) for a couple of days.  So we booked a couple of days off work and started to look at destinations.  We quickly ruled out winter sun destinations as too expensive for a 2 night trip and started looking at European city breaks.  We eventually settled on Dublin as neither of us had been to Ireland before and there were some good deals on flights.  We booked a hotel and a restaurant for her birthday dinner and all was set. Continue reading