RHS Chatsworth Flower Show 2017

Last week we went to the first ever RHS flower show at Chatsworth House. There had been a couple of days of bad weather and some negative reports about long queues and poor organisation but by the 3rd day of the show when we went they seemed to have most of the wrinkles sorted out. We had a mostly glorious day weather wise too. In fact it got a bit too hot and too bright for good photographs too.

There were some really beautiful displays of flowers in several marquees and some interesting show gardens and stalls. There was also live music at several bandstands to entertain you while you have a rest and grab a bite to eat which was cool. I expect my photographs show it better than I can describe. Continue reading

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Japan: Day 19 – Imperial Palace Gardens


I was adamant that I wanted to see the gardens of the Imperial Palace before we left Tokyo. We had tried once before and been foiled because the opening times in our guide book were incorrect. Because of the rest of our itinerary, today was not only our last but our only opportunity to do so. The pouring rain that kept us inside yesterday hadn’t let up much but we resolved to go and have a look anyway. Continue reading

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Japan: Day 18 Tokyo Shopping

We booked into a hotel at Haneda airport for the last 2 nights of our stay in Tokyo as we have a very early flight out and didn’t fancy getting up really early to make it. On our second to last full day in Japan we spent most of our time shopping around a very rainy Tokyo and moving to the airport hotel. Continue reading

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Japan Day 17: Tokyo, Akihabara & river trip (12/04/2015)


Today we visited Senso-ji, a temple on the Lonely Planet must see list, took a cruise down the Sumida river to the Hamarikyu gardens and spent the afternoon shopping. The temple was a bit disappointing and the river cruise was relaxing and a different way to travel round the city but not hugely interesting. The gardens were beautiful.

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Japan Day 16: Tokyo, Akihabara (11/04/2015)


For the next couple of days we are staying in Tokyo’s “Electric Town” Akihabara. This area is famous for its stores full of cheap electronics and anime and manga merchandise. Being a fan of all of these things I was pretty excited about staying in this area for a couple of days. I didn’t take any pictures today so the pictures below are all stolen from the internet (labelled OK for reuse).

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Japan Day 15: Nara – Tokyo (10/04/2015)

Today’s plan was to further explore the park and temples in the surrounding area before heading back to Tokyo in the afternoon or evening. When we got up though it was raining hard which put us off the idea. We had booked a traditional breakfast for this morning so we decided to re-think our plans while we ate.

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Japan Day 14: Kyoto – Nara (09/04/2015)


Today we are leaving Kyoto after our brief stay and heading to Nara. After our practice run yesterday, it was easy work to get to the JR Nara Express and settle in for the journey. We had heard that you can get there faster and cheaper and on nicer trains if you use a different railway line but since we had JR passes we decided to stick with what we knew. We arrived early in Nara and were glad that it was significantly warmer than it had been in Kyoto. We left our bags in lockers at Nara station and set off to explore.

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