Movie Ramblings: Truth Or Dare

truth_or_dare_posterTruth or Dare, also called Truth or Die, is a British horror film in the revenge/teen slasher mould. While it has some interesting ideas and is nicely made, ultimately it is neither interesting nor shocking enough to make it anything remarkable. None of the characters are likeable and who lives or dies and why really doesn’t hold your interest.

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Movie Ramblings – Kill List

Kill List is a British movie about a family coping with unemployment in the current period of economic recession. It is also a story about contract killers and the shadowy forces that control them and it is about relationships and the things people do to make them work or mess them up.  I really enjoyed this film and I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it so this will probably be a brief ramble so I don’t give away plot.

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