Movie Ramblings: The Green Inferno

The Green Inferno is a pretty standard horror film based on the fear of the unknown, in this case undiscovered tribes in the South American jungle. As you would expect from this genre of film it is stuffed full of one dimensional characters, cheesy dialogue, terrible acting, outrageous racial stereotypes and over the top gore and violence.

The first 25 minutes of this film are so astoundingly dull and full of cheesy dialogue, rubbish acting and stereotypical characters that several times I wondered whether it would be more interesting to turn it off and go and watch the paint dry on the walls I was taking a break from painting. Continue reading


Movie Ramblings: Daybreakers

In 2019, 10 years after the outbreak of a mysterious infection, most of the human race have become vampires. The remaining 5% of the human population are either on the run or kept by the vampires in Matrix style facilities as living blood banks. Faced with a shortage of blood that will lead to the end of the vampire race, vampire scientists are under pressure to produce a blood substitute that may allow humans and vampires to live side by side. Continue reading


Movie Ramblings: Re-animator

Studious hard worker Dan Cain and dangerous maniac Herbert West are reluctant housemates who become unlikely colleagues after the latter’s deranged experiments in re-animation get both of them expelled from medical school. Desperate to vindicate themselves the pair team up to try to replicate in humans results so far only achieved in animals with horrifically successful results.

Re-Animator - Herbert
All the best mad science experiments are fluorsecent!

Continue reading


Movie Ramblings: Django Unchained


A western movie from Quentin Tarantino involving bounty hunters and the slave trade. You know what to expect here; violence, swearing, and more racial epithets than you can count*. The plot doesn’t really matter, most of the characters have done some evil deed or other and some of the less unpleasant characters are going to end up taking revenge on some of the more distasteful ones. They are going to be super-cool doing it and to hell with things like common sense and historical accuracy. Continue reading


Movie Ramblings: American Mary


Mary (Katharine Iasbelle) is an impoverished surgical student who decides to pay off her debts by working in a strip club. At the “interview” it is evident that she would be a terrible stripper but, as luck would have it, the strip joint just happens to have a surgical emergency in the basement. Continue reading


Movie Ramblings: Feast III

Feast_3_posterFeast 3 is by far the weakest of the Feast trio. As expected what you get here is essentially more of what you got in Feast 2 only somewhat less so. There are precious few new characters and they don’t hang around long, there is no development of the existing characters and no plot development either. You don’t find out anything more about the monsters, what they are or where they come from etc. Continue reading


Movie Ramblings: Forbidden World (Mutant)


Forbidden World is an Alien rip off that seems to be also trying to cash in on the Forbidden Planet name. This sci-fi exploitation flick tries to make up for it’s lack of originality in the plot and character department with copious over the top gore and gratuitous nudity. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to have been much money spent on the gore effects either with most of them just looking like piles of variously coloured custard. The boobs are OK but by no means make up for the rest of the flaws in this film. Continue reading